What size do I order? How do I find my size?

What you'll need: clear tape, a pen, and a ruler

How to measure each nail:

1. Place clear tape over nail.

2. Press down the clear tape on the left and right sidewalls of nails to crease.

3. Use a pen to mark the left and right sides of the nail on the clear tape.

4. Carefully remove the marked clear tape from the nail.

5. Place the marked clear tape on a flat surface and measure in millimeters with a ruler.

6. Repeat on each nail for both hands

7. Use the measuring image guide picture at the bottom of this page to figure out what number sizes your nails are (just scroll down).

Alternatively, completely take the guess work out of measuring and purchase a full set which comes with 20 nails, 2 of each size.

Still confused? Watch this example video.

What do the different shapes mean?

Reference image below (just scroll down)!

Short Round: Straight sides with rounded edges that follow the curve of your cuticles. There’s no discernible point to the flat edge of your nail and the overall aesthetic is soft. Best for people who prefer to keep their nails on the shorter side, as well as those who have rounder cuticles. 

Short Stiletto: Slender edges that end at a sharp point. This is a very dramatic nail shape! This is definitely more of a statement shape than a practical one, as it can be challenging to wear if you’re very hands on at home or work.

Short/Medium Coffin: Mimicking the shape of a coffin or a ballerina pointe shoe, this shape is tapered on the sides with a straight edge on the tip. This shape is very much in trend and popularized by many celebrities.

What are the application instructions?

1. Gently push back your cuticles with the mini cuticle stick. For the longest lasting mani, cut your natural nails short.

2. File your nails and gently buff the top of the nails to remove shine.

3. Wipe each nail with the alcohol wipe.

4. Pick out your nail sizes so you are ready to apply them in order.

5. Apply the nail glue onto your natural nail, align the press-on with your nail bed, and press down firmly for 20 seconds to make sure the glue covers the entire bed. If you only want your nails to last for a shorter time frame than 2 weeks, apply a few drops instead of covering the whole nail.

6. For a longer lasting mani, keep your nails dry for >1 hour after application and avoid water contact when you can. And remember, your nails are not tools!

What are the removal instructions?

1. Fill up a bowl with warm to hot soapy water.

2. Cover your cuticles with cuticle or olive oil and soak your nails in the soapy water you prepared.

3. Gently rock your press on nails back and forth and side to side to loosen them up. Use the cuticle pusher if you need to loosen them further.

4. Remove the press-ons and buff your natural nail.

5. Clean the press-ons with rubbing alcohol if you want to save them for future use.

How long do they last?

Wear time depends on how well you prep your natural nails before application, your choice of adhesive, and your daily use. The key to longer wear time is prepping your nails with the supplies included, and avoiding long term exposure to water and manual labor. It is not unusual to pop gems, but take care when wearing your delicate art. Nails are not tools.

WITH GLUE (included), your nails can last anywhere up to 2 weeks or longer! Never continue to wear nails that are lifting as it can become a source for bacteria to breed. Remove lifting nails, then clean and dry before reapplying nails.

You can also buy DOUBLE SIDED GEL TABS which can hold anywhere from 1-3 days and are perfect for temporary wear and special occasions.

Are the nails reusable?

YES! All handmade nails are reusable!

WHEN USING GLUE, use the included nail removal tool to soak, oil, & gently remove your nails as noted in the removal instructions. Once removed, you will want to softly file away any excessive glue from the underside so the next application will lie smoothly.

With proper care, you can wear and reuse multiple times! Keep your nails safe in the organza bag.

How does shipping work? How long will it take?

Process and shipping times are generally about 2-3 weeks once sizes are received as all sets are 100% handmade. Some sets ,may take longer, orders with MULTIPLE SETS may require more prep time due to the scale.

Orders will be shipped to the address on file. Shipping fee structure and delivery times are dictated by USPS. When your order is preparing to ship, you will receive a shipping notification with a tracking number. Once the package is dropped off at the post-office, the package is out of my hands. For this reason, I cannot be responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen packages. I will however try to help out as much as I can but it is the buyer's responsibility to contact their local post office.

What is your return/exchange/cancellation policy?

All sets are custom made to order, for this reason, sets cannot be exchanged or returned. Please carefully review your selections when placing orders.

**I am not responsible if you order incorrect sizes. Please try to measure your nails as accurately as possible or order a full set! However, if the size is wrong on a nail or two, just message me and I can try to work something out for you!

Cancelations will be reviewed on a case by case situation- though generally speaking, there are no refunds, exchanges, or cancelations.

Nail Sizing (mm)

Nail Shapes