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I've got you covered! Shop made-to-order trendy press-on nail art or request a custom design to show-off during hot girl summer!

Our nail art sets are perfect for weddings, vacations, music festivals, or MIT Pi Reunion 😉

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Welcome to Celeste Nails Co!

Hi! My name is Diann and I am the nail artist behind all of our press-on nail sets! Since graduating college, all of my friends are now scattered across the country. I miss doing my friends' nails and opening this storefront allows me to send my friends nail art all year round! Order your first set and LET'S BE BESTIES 😘

Celeste Press-on Nail Sets are custom-made and completely hand-painted by yours truly! Designs are trendy and can be extremely intricate. These sets are easy to apply and a perfect alternative to sometimes damaging gels or acrylics at a fraction of the cost!

Thank you for supporting my small business and creative passions!!

XOXO, Diann

  • Custom-made

    Press-on nail sets are made to have the perfect fit or you can order a full set (20 nails of each size). I'll also collaborate with you for custom designs!

  • Hand-Painted

    All of the nail art is hand-painted by yours truly. Every press-on nail set is unique and made with lots of love! Nail art is a masterpiece on small canvases!

  • High Quality

    All press-on nail sets are made using salon-quality, professional use gel nail polishes and top-of-the-line Apres GelX nail tips!

  • Long Lasting

    With proper care, our press-on nails can last on your nails for up to two weeks and can be saved for multiple uses! Remember, nails are not tools!

Diann Huynh

Nail Artist

🖤 How old are you?

25, starting this business amidst a quarter life crisis

🖤 How long have you been doing nails?

Since I was 8 at my parents' nail shop and I've never stopped! Used to do nails for the MIT community from my dorm room LOL

🖤 What is your full-time occupation?

I make self-driving cars in San Francisco GO!

🖤 What are your 2022 New Years goals?

- Focus on my mental health, my physical health, and my happiness

- Be consistently creative

- Always be on the search to learn something new

- Start a second sorce of income

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